How to Stake Your USDN

How to Cancel Active USDN Staking


Staking is the feature based on the smart contract technology developed by WX.Network team. It is similar to conventional banking where you can deposit or withdraw assets. WX.Network supports staking USDN tokens.

USDN is a crypto token that is algorithmically pegged to the US dollar, so its exchange rate is 1 USD. It is implemented on the Neutrino stablecoin protocol offering holders the ability to stake their tokens and receive rewards. Other types of assets will be available for staking later.

How USDN staking works:

  • The rate of earnings is not regulated by a third party and is higher than any bank currently provides.

  • Payments in USDN occur on a daily basis.

  • You can make sure that your payment has occurred or cancel your stake if there's something you're not comfortable with. You will never lose the earnings you have already accrued.

  • You don't have to retain your funds under someone's management. Your funds remain solely under your control, all operations are carried out through an independent public smart contract. Each transaction is transparent and public (your personal data is safe).

  • The smart contract will never ask you for any documents. Your staking balance and payouts are completely anonymous.

How to Stake USDN

USDN Staking feature has moved from WX.Network to Neutrino website.
Please use these step-by-step instructions to stake your USDN.

Also, please be aware that Staking for DeFo tokens is still available on WX.Network and in the WX.Invest mobile app.

How to Cancel Active USDN Staking

Open WX.Network and sign in to your account. Then click on the Investments button and click on the USDN button in the Neutrino Staking tab:

Click Unstake USDN to open the Withdraw pop-up window:

On the Withdraw pop-up window you can see your available balance and the amount of fee for the withdrawal operation:

To continue, specify the amount you want to withdraw and click Withdraw.

Note: you can pay a transaction fee by using a sponsorship asset. Just click on Transaction fee Options and choose sponsorship asset.

On the next screen you can review the transaction details:

The transaction will be processed with the next block update.

If you have any questions related to WX.Network, feel free to contact us.

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