A referral program is a fabulous opportunity to increase income for you and your friends/ acquaintances/ minded people. Anyone who creates an account using a referral link (a referral) will receive 10% additional income from WX staking under the terms of the Referral Program. The owner of the referral link (referrer) will receive 10% of the referral's income as well. Additionally, the referrer will receive 50% of the trading fees the referral paid.

To participate in the Referral Program open the WX.Network desktop or web applications and log in to your account. Then click on the account avatar in the upper right corner and select the Referral Program option in the open menu.

Find your referral link in the opened window then. Copy and share it with your friends or acquaintances, you can also post it on social networks (for example, on your Twitter profile).

You can find the following statistics in the Referral Program tab: the number of users registered accounts using your referral link (Total Referrals), summary income from all your referals and income from each referral program separately. To receive a referrer reward, click the Claim button below the statistics area.

Terms of the Referral Program

1) Only a newly created account via the referral link provided by the referrer or the one with no incoming and outgoing transactions can become a referral.

2) The referrer and the referral start receiving the additional income from WX staking (10% for the referral and 10% for the referrer) if the referral invests in the WX Staking and gets not less than 200 gWX. This can be achieved by staking more than 200 WX for 4 years or more than 400 WX for 2 years.

3) According to the WX staking mechanics the number of gWX decreases every minute. Therefore, over time, the number of gWX on the referral's account will be less than 200 gWX. To prevent deactivating the Referral Program of WX staking the referral needs to maintain the number of gWX (at least 200 gWX) on the balance by additional WX stakes. If the referral's balance becomes less than 200 gWX, the referral and the referrer will no longer receive the reward on the Referral Program.

4) The reward on the Referral Program of WX staking is paid only if the referral is active at the time of payment.

For example: if a referral starts participating in the Referral Program of WX staking and fulfils the terms of the program for staking more than 200 gWX on Tuesday, and the referral's balance exceeds 200gWX at the time of payment, the referrer and the referral will receive a reward for WX staking in this case.

However, if the referral's balance is below 200 gWX already by Monday and the referral does not stake additional WX for getting more than 200 gWX on the balance, then the referrer and the referral will not receive the payouts for WX staking on Tuesday.

The gWX balance is taken into account only at the time of payment, the reward is paid if there is more than 200 gWX on the referral's account balance at that time.

5) Even if the referral does not have staked WX or it has less than 200 gWX, referrer still receive reward for Trading referral program.

6) The reward payouts on the Referral Program are made on Tuesdays, once a week.

7) The reward for participation in the Referral Program is claimed by every participant of the Referral Program individually. The Available for Claiming field shows the amount of WX to claim for participation in the program.

If you have any questions related to WX.Network, feel free to contact us.

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