Transactions Interface
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The updated transaction interface allows you to find any transaction easily and quickly. You can monitor the current status of your crypto transactions by checking both external blockchain networks and the internal Waves blockchain network.

Deposits and withdrawals

Initial sorting allows seeing "All" transactions as well as separate "Deposits" and "Withdrawals".

For your convenience there is a separation of transactions according to their current status:

In Process — a transaction is being processed and will be processed according to the current loading of the coin blockchain network.

Completed — the transaction was successfully processed and the coins were credited to your WX.Network account.

On Hold/Rejected — if the transaction has been suspended or rejected, you can always see the detailed reason for this status. In case you have any questions, our support team is happy to assist you 24/7. Just use the “Chat” button in the lower right corner of WX.Network!

By clicking on the transaction you want, you can see its current status, correlation address information, transaction identifier (TX ID) in the Waves blockchain, and in the external blockchain, the dates and times of the corresponding transactions in both blockchains.

Internal transactions

This type of transactions within the Waves blockchain network is placed in a separate section and for convenience also has different categories:

Exchanges — all assets exchanged via WX Network by placing bid/ask orders.

Deposit & Withdrawals — all transactions sent and received within the Waves blockchain network between WX Network users.

Mass Transfers — mass transactions are used to send assets to multiple WX.Network at once.

Asset Transactions — you can easily issue an asset, enable a sponsorship, which will allow users to cover the network fee using this asset. You can also burn any assets that you don’t need or reissue an asset issued by you. All these kinds of operations will be displayed in this tab.

Contract Invocations— this type of transaction involves interaction with smart contracts, for instance, when you initiate XTN staking, a contract is being invoked.

If you have any questions related to WX Network, feel free to contact us.

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