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Buying USDN

1) Register an account on WX.Network by following this awesome guide or import the existing account.

Important: if you use a Software (Seed) account back up your seed phrase. Click on the account avatar (top right corner) and choose Settings item:

In the appeared window, choose Security and then click on the Show or Copy in the Seed Phrase field. You'll need to enter your account password to see the seed phrase.

Important: the seed phrase is the ONLY way to restore access to your funds if you lose your device. If anyone gains access to your seed phrase, they will steal your funds. So make sure to save it where only you can find it.

For more information on registering and recovering an account, see the Account Management guide.

2) Buy USDN

If you don't have any USDN yet, there are two ways to obtain them on WX.Network: with a bank card or via the trading interface.

To buy USDN with Visa/MasterCard, please follow the step-by-step tutorial below.

a) Hover over the Trading and choose USDN.

b) In the next window, type the amount of money you want to spend and click on the Buy USDN button. Check the whole specified information in the popup window and click on the Buy USDN once again. After that, the system will take you to the AdvCash payment page:

c) In the Advcash payment page, enter your card data and Email address and click on Pay.

You will need to complete a short KYC. Don’t worry, you’ll only have to do it once.

To do this, read the information in the appeared window and click on Continue.

Note that depending on the type of your card, it can take up to 24 hours to process your payment, though most of the time you will receive your USDN within a few minutes.

Additional resources:

How to Buy Cryptocurrency on WX.Network

How Do I Send and Receive Cryptocurrency

The second way to buy USDN is to set an order in the Trading section.

To do this, you'll need some other crypto to buy it with. You can also buy USDN for BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, WAVES etc. Therefore, you'll first need to send any of these coins from an external blockchain wallet or another exchange into your wallet on WX.Network. The best way how you can do it is to use this incredible guide - How Do I Send and Receive Cryptocurrency?

After the asset depositing, you'll be able to buy USDN on the exchange!

a) Click on the Trading menu item

b) Type USDN in the search bar to find the tradable pairs with USDN:

c) Click on the pair you need. In our example, it's ETH/USDN.

d) After that, fill in the Sell ETH order form (specify a necessary price and amount) and click on the Sell ETH button.

For more details on buying cryptocurrency via the trading interface, see Start Trading on WX.Network.

How to withdraw or cash out USDN: crypto and bank card

There are two ways to cash out USDN: via the trading interface on WX.Network and then AdvCash or third-party exchange services.

Sign in to your account on WX.Network, hover over the Investments item, and click on USDN in the Neutrino staking section.

Click on Unstake USDN. In the popup that appears, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and again click on Unstake USDN to confirm. The funds will be returned to your available balance.

Now you can decide how you want to cash out your USDN.

1) Convert USDN into BTC or ETH and cash out via AdvCash

a) Click on the Trading menu item.

b) Type USDN in the search bar and select BTC/USDN pair.

c) After that, fill in the Buy BTC order form (specify a necessary price and amount) and click on the Buy BTC button.

Now that you’ve cashed out into BTC, you can withdraw them to your card. We recommend doing it through our trusted partner AdvCash - a reliable and safe digital wallet and exchange service that is already integrated with WX.Network.

d) If you’ve used AdvCash to buy USDN with your card and completed the KYC, you already have a verified AdvCash account. If not, you can easily register on AdvCash.

e) Locate your AdvCash Bitcoin wallet address and send the BTC from your WX.Network wallet to your AdvCash BTC address. See here for more on sending crypto from WX.Network.

Go to ‘Sell Crypto, choose Bitcoin and the amount, click on Deposit, and then on Confirm. The system will provide you with a blockchain address where you’ll need to send the Bitcoins.

Note that you’ll have to send the whole amount with a single transaction. Once the transaction gathers 6 confirmations, the sum in USD will be debited to your AdvCash wallet.

f) Once the BTC is in your AdvCash balance, you can withdraw them to a bank card. A withdrawal fee will apply. If you haven’t passed the AdvCash KYC yet, you’ll need to do it at this stage. Don’t worry, it takes only a few minutes.

g) Choose To a Visa/MC bank card’ and select the region where your card was issued. Note that conversion fees differ depending on the region. Enter the amount to be withdrawn to see the exact fee. If everything is correct, confirm the transfer. It can take up to 3 business days for the transfer to go through.

2) Convert USDN into BTC, USDT or ETH and cash out via a third-party service

a) Repeat the steps a)-c) from the previous section to convert USDN into another cryptocurrency.

b) Go to https://www.bestchange.com/ and choose your desired cryptocurrency on the left (for example, Bitcoin). In the right-hand column, choose where you’d like to cash out your assets - for example, Visa/MasterCard USD. You’ll see a list of available exchangers and the exchange rates they offer:

c) Click on the name of an exchanger to go to its website. Double-check the terms, rates, and commissions. Note that most exchangers do not serve cards issued in the US.

d) You’ll be provided with an address where you should send your BTC, ETH or USDT. Once the exchanger receives the crypto, they will send USD to your card. You should receive it within 72 hours.

If you have any questions related to WX.Network, feel free to contact us.

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