You might already know that the Waves blockchain allows you to quickly and easily create tokens. WX.Network not only supports this functionality but also significantly develops it. WX.Network users can create their own tokens and verify them in order to draw the attention of other users to these tokens and increase the degree of trust in their projects. Moreover, we developed functionality that allows users to increase the attractiveness of their tokens: if the token successfully passed the verification, any user can run a liquidity pool with this token working on the WX.Network trading bot basis. Any WX.Network user can invest funds in this liquidity pool and earn income from the pool's LP token price growth (base APY) and WX emission destribution (tAPY).

To create a pool with your verified token, log in to theWX.Network account where you created the token, go to the Pools tab and click the Setup Pool button.

You will be suggested to fill in a form in which you need to specify the amount token and the amount of USDN/USDC/USDT that you will transfer to the trading bot to initialize your pool. The more USDN/USDC/USDT you invest in the pool, the higher the price of the token will be at which the trading bot start placing orders. But 10,000 USDN/USDC/USDT and 100,000 minimum units of the token (for example, for tokens with 3 decimal, this is 100) are the minimal amount you can invest.

Note: the pool creation process can take up to 3 days.

That's all! After 3 days or early, your pool's trading bot will be launched, your pool will appear in the general list in the Pools tab, and any WX.Network user will be able to invest tokens in it.

Note: any user can create a pool with a verified token, but only if there is no such liquidity pool yet.

If you have any questions related to WX.Network, feel free to contact us.

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