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WX Emission Distribution Voting
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Creating a liquidity pool with a verified token increases user interest in the project. Firstly, it will demonstrate to users the seriousness of the intentions of the creators of the project/token and increase its credibility, secondly, users receive passive income from investing in the pool. Part of this income is the increase in the price of the pool's LP token, and another part is WX tokens that pool receives in results of WX Emission Distribution Voting. Pool investors can influence the distribution of WX tokens among all pools by voting for the pool using their gWX-s. The more votes/gWX-s cast for a pool, the more WX tokens the pool receives. In addition, by voting for the pool's weight, the user increases his income from investing in this pool.

Once a pool is created, it automatically becomes member of WX Emission Distribution Voting. Each user can "give" its gWX tokens (votes) for the pool (all gWX-s or only part of them) but only gWX-s of Pool's investors increase the weight of the pool. The larger the pool weight, the more WX-s its investors receive. Pool weight voting lasts approximately 1 week (10,080 blocks). The counting of votes and, accordingly, the determination of the weight of the pool is carried out at the end of the voting period.

In the WX Emission Distribution Voting tab, the pool owner and any other WX Network user can view information about the voting process:

- voting rules;

- list of pools for which users can vote;

- voting end time (1);

- the number of gWX available for voting (2);

- current pool weight and preliminary pool weight (3);

- current incremental return (tAPY) and preliminary incremental return (4). It is tAPY that shows the profitability of the pool from the distribution of WX emission;

- the number of gWX (votes) cast for a particular pool;

- and other information.

Note: if in the process of voting for the pool weight, the pool token loses its verified status (Community verified label), then the pool loses all votes cast for it and is excluded from voting for the pool weight until the token receives the label back. If the pool's token again receives the Community verified label, then the pool will be again a member of WX Emission Distribution Voting, however, without taking into account the votes it gained before the pool token lost the "Comminity verified" label.

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