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Login to MetaMask account through the WX Network
Login to MetaMask account through the WX Network
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Millions of people around the world use the MetaMask extension because of its convenience and popularity as it is compatible with a large number of resources. Tens of thousands of them are WX Network users either. The useful Waves node release (version 1.4.6) allowed to simplify the WX Network users' lives and enable them to use their MetaMask accounts compatible with the WX Network app. The same MetaMask account used to access applications on the Ethereum or BSC networks can be used on the Waves network to log in and work with WX Network, which improves the usability and speed of interacting with the functionality of WX Network service.

Login process

Open up the WX Network application, click on the Sign In button at the top right corner, choose Ledger or Browser extensions and select MetaMask in the appeared popup window.

If you have not previously used WX Network with MetaMask, you will be suggested to choose Metamask account that you want to use via WX Network and allow WX Network access to it.

If Waves network is not added to your MetaMask extension, you will need to allow MetaMask to add the Waves network and switch to it.

Finally, sign the access token so that WX Network can use information about balances of your account.

After you accept all terms of use, your MetaMask account will be imported into WX Network.

Specific features of MetaMask account usage in WX Network

1. Logging into a MetaMask account in WX Network application is possible only if this account is imported into the MetaMask extension. It is not possible to import this account into WX Network using the Seed phrase from a MetaMask account.

2. If you change your account in MetaMask extension while you are in the WX.Network application, you will be suggested to use the new account to continue work with WX Network.

3. Due to the technical features of the MetaMask extension, not all transactions in the Waves blockchain are supported by the MetaMask account in WX Network. So, the following transactions are not available in the MetaMask account:

- issuing, burning and reissuing of tokens;

- token sponsorship management;

- token and account script setting;

- token’s name and description updating;

- token mass transfer;

- Waves staking/unstaking;

- alias creation;

- data transaction.

If you have any questions related to WX Network, feel free to contact us via customer support.

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