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WX Network: Where Do I Find My Waves Address?
WX Network: Where Do I Find My Waves Address?
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Install the latest version of WX Network:

Open the installed app, log in to your account and at the top left corner tap the QR-code icon:

Please note that there are two Waves addresses available to you.

This is a standard Waves address that starts with 3P.... and its counterpart in the MetaMask format, which starts at 0x.....

Both addresses can be used to receive cryptocurrencies

You can copy the address to the clipboard by tapping Copy or share it by tapping Share. Also, on this screen, you can find a QR code that contains the Waves address of your account.


Before using the address in MetaMask format, carefully read the step-by-step guide

Give your WX Network account address to the person who wants to send you Waves.

Note: On this screen you can create personal Alias. For more information see Personal Alias Creation.

If you have any questions related to WX Network, feel free to contact us via customer support.

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