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Since March 2022, WX Network users have the opportunity to manage the protocol: verify tokens and liquidity pools, and manage the liquidity pools' profitability. Judging by your activity, such management tools are important to our community, and therefore it is necessary to expand their list.

The next logical step towards expanding the WX Network management became the implementing of any-changes voting: boosting coefficient, trading fees, token verification mechanics, etc. In January 2024, due to the WX DAO launch, this voting was moved to the Power DAO. Since then any WX DAO participant can propose its idea to improve the WX Network protocol for consideration by other WX DAO participants.

You can сheck the list of previous and active votings for the WX Network protocol changes via the WX DAO and Proposals page.

But to take part in the voting or propose the idea, you have to become the WX DAO member.

If you have any questions related to WX Network, feel free to contact us.

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