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Since March 2022, WX Network users have the opportunity to manage the protocol: verify tokens and liquidity pools, and manage the liquidity pools' profitability. Judging by your activity, such management tools are important to our community, and therefore it is necessary to expand their list.

The next logical step towards expanding the management functionality is voting on changing its key parameters: such as the speed and duration of the WX emission, the boosting coefficient, and others. In the future, we plan to upgrade the current voting procedure so that any WX Network user will be able to suggest their proposals for voting. Well, It's the best time to vote I guess.

How to vote

First, head over to your WX Network account, hover over the "Governance" item, and navigate to the "Proposals" tab.

Most of the way has been completed. You need gWX for voting. If you don't have any, just click on the big blue "Get gWX" button and stake your WX tokens. Then go back to the "Proposals" page and carefully read the proposal's description. If you agree with the ideas suggested in the proposal click "Yes", otherwise, click "No".

For a proposal to be accepted, it must reach a quorum and the most votes must be Yes.

Note: you can cancel your vote and vote differently at any time.

And one more note: since the gWX amount is decreasing every minute, you can vote using only the gWX amount, you will have at the end of voting.

If you have any questions related to WX Network, feel free to contact us.

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