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More than a year ago, the WX Network team launched liquidity pools, a very popular and common tool for earning passive income. The difference between our liquidity pools and pools on many other crypto platforms is that the liquidity provided by users is used by the AMM bot for trading on the spot market. For a year, this product has established itself as a reliable, highly profitable instrument. After that, its functionality was expanded through swaps, a more common mechanism for liquidity pools using.

Swaps are a simple and fast way to exchange tokens, which allows increasing the arbitrage profitability by speeding it up. Swaps are also suitable for crypto newbies as they have a simpler interface compared to trading terminals. Making a swap, a user exchanges one token for another one at the price of the liquidity pool, which depends on the pool’s imbalance and pool’s spread. In addition, the amount of the exchange is affected by the swap commissions (service commission, pool commission) and slippage, that is, the difference in the token price when a swap starts and when it is finished. So, let's take a closer look at how to make a swap.

First of all, head over to your WX Network account, tap on the Swap icon in the Wallet tab.

In the next step, you need to select token you want to swap as well as token you want to receive. When you make a choice, and enter the amount of spending token, an amount of receiving token will be displayed in the I Receive field.

Finally, it remains only to familiarize yourself with the Swap Rate, Slippage, and Fees and click the Swap button.

That's it! The token is already in your WX Network account.

If you have any questions related to WX Network, feel free to contact us.

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