Waves.Exchange-to-WX Network migration
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Important: Do not use any other domains except waves.exchange and wx.network for migration. The migration process does not require you to input your seed phrases/private keys/credentials anywhere. Waves.Exchange/WX Network's employees will never ask you to provide any kind of personal information, including private keys and/or seed phrases. You do not need to pay or send any tokens to anyone to complete migration.

For any questions related to account migration to the new domain, please contact us via online-chat.


At the end of 2022, the rebranding of the Waves.Exchange was announced. Since then, we have not only changed the design and name, but also come much closer to the complete decentralization of the project: the users' ability to manage the project has been significantly expanded, decentralized bridges have been integrated. Not far off is the finalization of smart contracts for all our products. The last rebranding step is moving to a new site where only decentralized products will be available. To ensure that WX Network users can freely use the functionality of the new site, we have implemented a process for quickly and securely transferring accounts from the Waves.Exchange site/desktop app to the WX Network's ones.


To launch the process of accounts migration to the WX Network, go to the Waves.Exchange website or open Waves.Exchange desktop app (if you are already into your account, just log out of it) and click on the Migrate Accounts button at the top right corner of the site. If you have accounts on this site, you will be prompted to "transfer" them to the WX Network site/desktop app. Start the migration process, clicking on the Migrate Accounts button in the pop-up window.

If you migrate accounts from desktop app, so, in the next step, you need to download the new WX Network desktop app (if you did not download it yet), launch it and click on the Migration button.

Have you launched new desktop app already? Great! Let's continue! All the next steps are the similar for web app and desktop app. Now, save/copy the code, which you will need to enter on the WX Network website/desktop app within 55 seconds. Save/copy it, click on the Continue button and you will be redirected to the WX Network website (or open desktop app by yourself).

On the WX Network website/desktop app, enter the saved code as soon as possible and click the Continue button.

Note: if you do not manage to enter the code within 55 seconds, then you need to return to the Waves.Exchange site/desktop app and copy a new code.

If you enter the code correctly, then you will see a nice picture (identicon). Exactly the same picture should appear on the Waves.Exchange website/desktop app. Go there, compare the identicons and click on the Identicons Match button on the Waves.Exchange website/desktop app.

Note: if you do not confirm that the identicons match within 55 seconds, you will be offered a new pair of identiconsthat that will need to be matched.

If you see this notification, then the account migration process was successful!

Now you just have to go to the WX Network website/desktop app, enter password of your accounts and agree to the terms of use of the site/app.

Note: if you already have accounts on the WX Network website/desktop app, then during the migration you will be asked to merge them with Waves.Exchange accounts.

If you have any questions related to WX Network, feel free to contact us via customer support.

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