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WX token is the main token of the WX Network project. It is involved in investment products and trading, as well as in the WX Network governance. Liquidity pools investors receive a part of their income in WX tokens and can increase it by staking WX tokens. Also, WX stakers receive passive income, trading cashback and the ability to manage the development of the WX Network. All these possibilities largely depend on the WX emission value, namely, on how many WX tokens are released every minute according to the mechanics. The larger the emission of WX tokens, the more users (pool investors, WX stakers) receive, but the higher the inflation of this token. The great news is that WX Network users can regulate the amount of WX emission, depending on their own preferences and the movement of the crypto market. All it takes is staking WX to get gWX and vote on the desired change to the current WX emission. If the WX emission voting reaches a quorum, then the WX emission will increase/decrease by 10% or remain the same. Each stage of the voting lasts 1 month.

To vote on changing the WX emission, log in to your WX Network account, stake WX tokens, and go to the WX Emission tab via the Governance section. Then click the Vote button in the Voting to Change WX Emission area.

In the next step, the pop-up window will appear. Choose one of the three options there: increase WX Emission by 10%, decrease WX emission by 10%, or remain it at the current level. Chose? Great! Now, click on the Vote button.

That's it! It remains to wait for the results of the vote. If the quorum is reached, the most voted option will be implemented.

If you have any questions related to WX Network, feel free to contact us.

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