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PepeTeam Cross-chain Swap
PepeTeam Cross-chain Swap
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Cross-chain swaps is a product of the PepeTeam that allows WX Network users to exchange tokens of different blockchains among themselves. So, if you transfer USDT from Polygon to Waves, then on the Waves blockchain you get “wrapped” USDT-POLY backed by USDT on the Polygon blockchain. Cross-chain swaps allow you to exchange, for example, USDT-POLY for “wrapped” USDTs of other blockchains (USDT-ERC20, USDT-BEP20, etc.), and deposit them in WX Network investment products or withdraw to the target blockchain through the PepeTeam bridge.

The cross-chain swap uses the liquidity of the PepeTeam’s pool in which the tokens have been invested by other users to receive passive income from swaps. By making a swap, the user adds his token to the pool and receives another token from the pool. The smaller number of tokens in the pool, the more profitable to swap it to the ones whose more are in the pool.

How to swap

To swap tokens, log in to your WX Network account and go to the "Swap" page.

There, switch the tab to the "Via PepeTeam", then select the tokens you want to swap, and enter the swap amount. After that familiarize yourself with the swap parameters and click on the "Swap" button. Swapers pay a fees for each swap which distributed among the USDT-PPT stakers.

In 1 minute, you will receive the Token which you can invest in the Liquidity pool or transfer through the PepeTeam Bridge.

If you have any questions related to WX Network, feel free to contact us.

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