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WX Network uses Waves token as a basic fee for all types of transactions. The Sponsored fee feature provides functionality to use custom fees in WX Network. It allows using fee in token if the creator of this token supports sponsored transactions. Thus, you can pay the transaction fee using sponsored token. Also, you can pay sponsored fees for transfers with Waves and any other Waves-based tokens.

Note: To use sponsored fees, you must have sponsored token. And the token issuer must have the sponsored transactions activated. If these conditions are not met, you will be able to pay the transaction fee in Waves only.

How to Use Sponsored Fee

WX Network users can use sponsored fee to pay fees for outgoing transfers and investments operations. Check if there is a token with % badge in the Wallet tab. If so, you can change the default Waves fee to the sponsored token.

In order to use sponsored token to pay the fees, create, for example, an outgoing transfer as described in How Do I Send and Receive Cryptocurrency? article and select one of the available sponsored tokens in the Transaction Fee checkbox:

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